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What we do.

Rocanrola produces top quality animation that engages audiences through great storytelling, memorable character and distinctive visuals.

We are a collective of very talented people. Our core team has more than a decade of experience in animation production. We assure top notch level animation delivered on time and on budget.

Satisfied brands/clients.

Who is behind this Rocanthing?

The studio is run by Emiliano Stefanach
Animation Director & Producer

  • 1992. Started animating (commercially) with a Commodore Amiga pioneering 3d animation around the block.
  • 2002. Founds Animalada Studios together with his friend Roque. Worked during 10 years as Director, Animation Director, Editing, Post and Producer for local and international clients.
  • 2010. Co-found A+ escuela de artes visuales in Montevideo Uruguay. Adobe ATC and Autodesk training center. Contributing to the gaming and animation industry in the Country.
  • 2012. Leaves Animalada in order to attends Animation Mentor (USA) career in Advanced Studies in Character Animation learning from animators like James Chiang (Ice Age, Open Season) and Anthony Wong (Toy Story, Monsters, Brave) among others from Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony and independent.
  • 2014. Founds Rocanrola Animation, a new proposal aligned to new paradigms.
Copyright © 2017 Rocanrola Animation Studio |  Todos los derechos reservados | All rights reserved We made animated pieces for almost every country in Latin America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brasil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela Mexico, and Panama. In Europe for Spain, England (U.K) Germany, Italy, Greece, Luxemburg, Austria. In USA we obtained an Addy Award. Rocanrola is directed by the founder of Animalada Studios Emiliano Stefanach in a new, organic way of working. Character Animation | Animación de personajes | Animación 3d | Computer Graphics | Vissual Effects | VFX